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The Edward J. Brewer Detachment was named for the young Marine Lance Corporal who gave his life in Vietnam. Edward Joseph Brewer, of 448 Cypress Street, Elmira, New York, was only twenty-one years of age when he requested to be removed from desk duty in preference for duty in a battle zone. He was killed by enemy fire while on patrol near Quang Nam on 06 February 1968.


In addition to being memorialized in 1979 by the formation of this Detachment, the memory of this Marine and his greatest sacrifice will live on through other local organizations as well. It was on 25 October 1968 that the Notre Dame Athletic Association dedicated and renamed their stadium the Brewer Memorial Stadium. A letter from General L.F. Chapman, Jr. to Notre Dame stated that Lance Corporal Brewer was a young man who "epitomized competition and sacrifice". While at Notre Dame, Brewer played junior varsity baseball, basketball, and varsity football. He was named to the All-City Football Team as a lineman.


Brewer graduated from the Corning Community College (CCC) in 1966 and enlisted in the Marine Corps the year after. A plaque has been donated to the CCC by the Veterans Club who dedicated it to Brewer and all other CCC Students who might die in the service of their country.


On 27 January 1969, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Brewer, parents of this Marine were presented with two medals awarded to their son. Marine Captain Richard McGill, of Rochester, New York, presented Mr. and Mrs. Brewer with the Naval Achievement and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, the highest award in that country.


Edward J. Brewer
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